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From the moment you list your property with Star Cities, your agent takes control of the selling process. Star Cities manages every detail of your sale; from marketing your property, to coordinating open houses, and providing continuous feedback on interest, progress, and results; to careful screening of bidders; tough negotiation based on experience in the bidding and closing process; to preparation of any required (co-op or condo board) approvals; liason with lawyers and managing agents; to the final successful sale.

A unique selling philosophy that works

Inclusive is better than exclusive. Star Cities believes that optimal exposure comes through co-brokering or “inclusive marketing”. All of our sales listings are immediately co-brokered out to all other firms in operating in New York City, and through both the conventional database channels and through point-to-point direct email from your listing agent at Star Cities we make sure that every agent in New York City as well as select international agents have access to and notification of your property information. We also follow-up to guarantee that the information is correctly received and updated in all databases and with weekly updates via point-to-point email communications on your property to every agent in New York City.

Our unique website gives visitors access to the largest database of sale listings in New York City.

We tie in the complete REBNY and New York Multiple Listings Service (MLS) broker and management listing database on our website, and are the only firm in New York to do this. Your property is highlighted as a featured listings on our website.

Your property will be a featured listing on www.starcities.com, and strategically placed in the New York Times print and online editions, on streeteasy.com, the Manhattan MLS, and On-Line Residential (the largest public and private broker database in the city of New York). It is also accessible through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. When you choose Star Cities to market your property, you have access to optimal exposure through our high-traffic website and maximum media and Internet marketing.

High profile advertising, marketing and public relations

Selling your property means the strategic coordination of advertising, marketing and public relations. Our goal is to reach precisely the right target audience through essential local, national, and international points, radio television and interactive media. Star Cities discipline and dedication to superior service and results is unrivaled.

  •  A reputation with sellers for optimal sales results
  •  Exceptional service experience
  •  Expertise in pricing, negotiations and the closing process
  •  Maximum exposure
  •  Strong reputation with New York City property lawyers, managing agents, and co-operative boards
  •  Unrivaled positive relationships with New York City brokerage companies and agents

How will we sell your property?

  •  Star Cities brand 
Providing the highest visibility platform for your property
  •  International network of buyers, brokerages, and exposure 
European team-international referral network
  • Immediate exposure to more than 2000 N.Y. City Brokers 
Including their exclusive client bases
  • Maximum Media & Internet Exposure
 Placement in New York City’s top newspapers, real estate Internet sites & search engines, listings databases, and strategic marketing campaigns
  • Professionally Hosted Open Houses 
Provocative showings & events to demand optimal exposure & pricing
  • Accurate Property Evaluations 
Pricing strategies supported by NYC’s largest closed sales database of properties, extensive market research, and on the ground knowledge
  • Expert Buyer Prequalification to Ensure a Successful Sale 
Qualification and negotiation process through successful completion
  • Expert Board Package Preparation and Critical Review 
Personalized service and commitment throughout your sales process