for Investors

Our business philosophy is grounded in the belief that experienced investment professionals using a disciplined process with local street-smart knowledge will consistently add value to a client's real estate transactions.

Our focus on investment quality is complemented by an absolute commitment to client service; this results in honest, dynamic client relationships and enables us to deliver a high level of service that anticipates changes in the marketplace and is tailored to the needs of each client.

We provide you an effortless investment process from previewing your properties, full financial and market analysis, international financing options, tenant placement, and superior property management.

Protecting Your Interests: Your interests are not only the mantra that our firm upholds conveys, but a priority mandated by New York State law. In New York City, when we represent a buyer we have a fiduciary duty to work in that buyer’s interest. It is our mission to make your plans and vision real. With Star Cities, you become an investor with a clear understanding of the process, and with full access to our resources and knowledge base. Star Cities allows you to become an owner of New York City property easily, efficiently, and with long term value in mind.

No Fees For Buyers: When a Star Cities agent represents a buyer of an investment property such as yourself, our fee is paid by the seller. The ‘sell-side’ agent splits the fee with your Star Cities ‘buy-side’ agent. It is in your best interest to work with a buyer’s agent as it does not increase the purchase price and is essentially a free representation of your interests. Your interests are not only represented at Star Cities, but the representation is based on exceptional quality of delivery and service. We are available to help with

  • Management of investments
  • Leasing and resale strategy
  • Distressed properties
  • Short Sales
  • REO Packages
  • Rental properties
  • Income-producing buildings
  • Bulk condominium packages
  • Apartments in need of renovation